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Located in Melba Idaho, Colt Run Ranch is operated by Dale Coltrin, an experienced horseman in certification with the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices (AANHCP). Dale brings to Western Idaho dedication to quality, professionalism, and customer service.

Natural hoof care or barefoot hoof care simulates the wear a horse hoof would receive in the wild. Studies find the Mustang of the great basin to be the ideal model.

  • It allows for the hoof to flex as nature intended
  • It allows the horse to feel and know where his feet are
  • It allows the hoof to act as a shock absorber
  • It allows for proper impact and blood circulation
  • The hoof is left accessible for maintenance and care
  • It prevents pathology that occurs from shoeing
  • It promotes greater comfort, longevity, and overall health

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